When asked what are the best things about volunteering at the Mission, volunteer Lynne Cheek responded, "The wonderful people I have met and the people they help daily, whether they can afford it or not." When asked to describe the Mission in one word Lynne replied, "Compassion - they care about everyone who seeks their assistance, no matter the situation."


Volunteer Raye Morris commented, "Most of the people are so grateful, especially to be able to get their medications, that so many say it has saved their life!" When asked why did she choose to volunteer at the Mission when there are so many opportunities in the community Raye stated, "The Mission was actually doing something worth while." When asked to describe the work of the Mission with one word Raye responded "Vital" to the community and "Rewarding" to me!


Another volunteer, Karan Breeden, when asked what is the one thing that stands out in her mind from her volunteer service to the Mission stated, "The best thing I have observed is that the staff here treat all patients with dignity and respect."